Which Is The Better Platform For A Business App – iOS or Android ?

We all clearly know that high-end smartphones have been making way to the smartphone market since some time now. They have emerged as the new craze amongst people across the globe. With smartphones and tablets, new platforms have also made their way to the tech space, only to spice up the ongoing technological revolution all the more.

Most of the swanky devices coming to the market today are either running on Android or iOS, which are ruling the mobile operating system segment aggressively. Android being an open source software, enjoys a huge audience; while iOS being a user friendly interface, enjoys a decent share of users as well.The Competition among the two is tough and very much visible in the electronic market. It’s a known fact that about 90 per cent of the smartphone market share is acquired by these operating systems together.

Android being the most popular OS, is preferred the most when it comes to getting applications developed. Android app development has taken a surge over the past some years, while iOS, on the other hand, has been dubbed as the most profitable platform for businesses. Nowadays a lot of business owners are going for iOS app development and getting useful apps developed for their businesses. Currently, Android enjoys a 53 per cent share in the US market, while iOs stands at 36 per cent.

While examine over which OS should be chosen for business app development, you must lay stress upon some important points like revenue, customer usage and visibility, to name a few. Android being a huge platform in terms of market share, enjoys a wide visibility in comparison to Apple’s app store. But, despite grabbing the maximum number of shares and visibility, Android has not been able to defeat Steve Job’s iOS when it comes to revenue generation. You must keep in mind that an app is supposed to give your business the much-needed boost, which is why deciding the best OS for your business app must not be a hush-hush affair.

Android app development requires far more research and planning than app development in iOS, as developer needs to keep in mind over 400 types of devices while developing an app for Android. We at Oranz, understand your business requirements and take the burden off your shoulders, by providing you with the best kind of application that suites your business.

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