Mobile Technology

It all begins with your idea !!

Whether to obtain information, for entertainment, for interacting in social networks or for shop by pressing a button – For many people the smartphone embodies a modern companion, which has become indispensable part of their everyday life. As a development service for mobile applications Oranz support your company in realizing individual mobile solutions for different mobile platforms. In addition to developing mobile application, our focus is on a transparent and interactive development process.

As a competent partner in the field of mobile applications we are using our experience to the side. Together, we analyze your project and develop the necessary requirements for the application. In result, arises a concept that is best tailored to your requirements and planning.

mobile application development process

To ensure the smooth development process, there requires an integrated and experienced project management. The Project Manager of Oranz will assist you in drawing up a detailed target and timetable which is adapted flexibly to your requirements. Throughout the project we continuously inform you by status notifications about the current status and progress of the project.

The development of the mobile solution is tailored to your ideas and imagination in constant consultation. We realize native, hybrid and web applications for platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In addition to this new system we also port your existing mobile applications on other platforms. The implementation of the mobile application is done by experienced developers – The Oranz Team. Through regular, internal, multidisciplinary training, and by sharing in the agency network, we ensure an always up-to-date state of knowledge of our employees and on the own projects also.

We will give your mobile applications an attractive appearance in addition to high performance. Depending on the target group and in collaboration with experienced designers in mobile requirements, we create a tailored visual appearance of your application. We know and take into account all the requirements and standards for a mobile optimized display on different devices.Mobile app development

We ensure that your application graphically and content wise, to meet the expectations of your target audience. This relates not only to the integration of the design and adaptation of content for mobile applications. Mobile content includes all the elements which are always and everywhere accessible using mobile devices. To this end, in addition to editorial content include music, videos and games. We guarantee a clear presentation of your content and where appropriate the adaptation of existing objects.

By daily increasing range of applications visibility continuously decreases with your target audience. To successfully market your application whose appealing presentation and increased discoverability are essential. We help you to increase the attention to your application. By working closely with our partner agencies we offer if necessary, the complete package of online marketing from a single source. Whether Google Adwords, public relations and social media – Our services range from ad serving to mobile and static Web pages and other applications to marketing in the App Store.