Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

artificial intelligence and machine learningYou might wonder what the next big thing in mobile application development is. Most of the experts and analysts say its artificial intelligence (AI). AI is expected to be used for many purposes like embedding chatbots into retail apps, adding built-in smarts to traditional enterprise applications like ERP, and integrating with context-aware smart sensors.

Intelligent apps including chatbots, virtual assistants with machine learning capability will be one of the top ten strategic trends for the future. And this more than just some virtual digital assistants that make common tasks like prioritizing email easier. Instead, it seems to be built into every category of mobile app in the enterprise.

Chatbots, which simulates human conversation to perform basic tasks like customer service or weather updates, are there been around for a while, but the hum around them became supercharged in the recent year, notably since Facebook’s announcement in April that they will allow their developers to release chatbots on its near billion-user Messenger service. Since then, more than 11,000 bots have been created, allowing users to do everything from the senseless and fun (Fatherly’s Dad Joke Bot ) to the more functional, like ordering an Uber at 3 a.m. without switching apps.

AI Development team at Oranz are specialized in conversational bots which makes self-service more human by our unique technology that combines Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Technologies.

Deploy Anywhere

Your bots can be at wherever your customers are. Orobots can be built once and instantly made available on consumer messaging (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Line, WeChat, kik, SMS) or enterprise channels

Intent & behaviour models

Our bots platform makes your bots “more human”, as our conversation engine runs the user requests through various behaviour handlers that checks for language, accent and intent. Bots can then get back with appropriate human like responses.

machine learning chat botInteractive Smartcards

Don’t be restricted to just text – make your bots artistic with rich smart cards that can render informations in image carousels, multiple buttons and also receive multiple inputs all in one message using our rich forms

Industry domain handlers

Oranz’s bot can be trained by running them through industry specific domain handlers. Our Bots can handle linguistic, colloquial and domain-specific context (Telco, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare etc) for more relevant responses

Realtime Analytics

Not just track who’s using the bot and what requests are flowing through different channels – instead you can use feedbacks from the failed conversations to train the bot to respond better

Goal-oriented bots

Your business has goals and so should your bot. Oranz’s bot at their heart are goal-oriented and push the users for a perfect conversational experience and outcome. You never have to worry about your bot falling out of line.

Multi-language API support

Our chatbot platform supports 14 languages already and more coming soon


Oranz’s bots platform generates bots that can provide meaningful, contextually relevant responses to users by blending to your systems of record. They can leverage the 100+ pre-built integrations and capability to quickly extend via the integration service framework