• Will iOS 11 Kill Your App?

    Apple fans are jumping with joy as it unveil the latest version of their flagship product, the iPhone X, which is the most significant change to the iPhone in years. App developers share their excitement with the new device bringing a TrueDepth camera, facial recognition and an OLED edge to edge display, among other new […]

  • Mobile application Development with ‘Agile Manifesto’

    Software development is a process of exploring unknown zones. For any big enterprise, key to success is always planning. You must expect the unexpected, anticipate the changes that could throw you off course, and be ready to adapt and continue your journey. Over the past few decades, software development became tedious, sloppy, and rigorous. Offices […]

  • Can Xamarin Studio change the development landscape?

    In 2013, Xamarin announced Xamarin Studio, a cross platform for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. This tool allows developers to write solely in C# and share the codebase across multiple platforms. With an increasing interest for this approach to development, we decided to take a look and see what this cross platform tool entails and […]

  • Google Inc is tightening supervision of its freewheeling Play store.

    Google has recently revealed that it is taking a leaf out of Apple and Microsoft’s book to introduce an app approvals team. Where, in the past, developers could freely upload apps, now apps will be screened for malware and sexually explicit material before being featured on the Play Store. Google will also be focusing on […]