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Who we are

Oranz Softwares, founded in 2011 is dedicated to development in mobile technologies and also custom software with an intent to provide comprehensive solutions for its clients. Our mobile application development on all the major handheld and Smartphone platforms help our clients achieve their business targets quickly and in a cost effective manner. Since our formation we have delivered several  innovative apps and server solutions to a diverse and impressive range of clients.

What we do

It’s not just about apps anymore. It’s about delivering apps and server solutions as part of a comprehensive and professional end-to-end service across all mobile platforms and industry sectors. This is what we pride ourselves upon. The wealth of experience we have within this industry means we possess a genuine and exceptional level of expertise. Yes, we can create great apps that are visually stunning and exceptionally imaginative but we can also do far more. We are a team of talented and proactive technologists who understand the entire technical landscape, from ‘back end’ architecture and development, to ‘front end’ user engagement and experience.

Our Skills

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Our Core Values

    • Sharp Mission

      We are Working with a mission of Developing World class Solutions in Software and Hardware which will add great values to the life to our customers and thus to the society.

    • Skilled Team

      Incredible Execution requires incredible developers.  Our highly skilled designers and developers are capable to give life to your innovative ideas.

    • Agile Development

      Rapid iterations and disciplined development teams allow us to deliver app development projects faster and with higher quality than ever before.

    • Capability

      From requirements gathering, UX design through to technical implementation, we have extensive experience in Android Java programming, iOS development (iPhone and iPad), Web application development and backend protocols as well.

    • Work in an Innovative Industry

      We work on cutting edge projects for clients ranging from innovative entrepreneurs to fast growing startups. You’ll be on the edge and see high profile projects months before they launch.

    • Constantly Learn about new trends

      We believe you can only stay the best by constant and never ending improvement in our knowledge base. Every month our employees will be trained in everything from the latest development methodologies, agile principles and even user-experience.

Key Customers

  • android enterprise mobile application

  • utility mobile app

  • GPS tracking mobile application

  • conference mobile application

  • Enterprise mobile application for taxi service

We offer better prices with excellent packages !

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